Evolve your safe work practices from as little as $6 per user, per month .

Our pricing is simple, transparent, all-inclusive, with no surprises. Ask for a no-obligation quote and join the evolution today.

The safest EHS investment you'll ever make.

We understand that success requires more than just great software – it requires integrated systems, implementation and ongoing support to evolve your safety practice.

Our quotes are all inclusive, we include the cost of implementation, training, integration, change management, documentation and support.

We leverage our extensive group capabilities, and more than 20 years of complex system integration, to make this the safest EHS investment you will ever make.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve addressed some of the more common questions our customers ask below. Simply expand a questions to reveal the answers. If you have another question, or want further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Standard training is included in the SaaS license cost, including the materials and training of your key (super) users. The system is intuitive and designed to be used with minimal training.

    We provide a managed integration platform based on Boomi technology. It comes with pre-built standard connections to most core HR and asset systems. Other systems can be accommodated and deployed quickly at a low cost.

    Very. Our solutions have ISO27001 accreditation and robust controls in place to ensure the highest standards of security. Please contact us for more details.

    • Standard support is included which is a 3-tier support structure that enables all issues to be resolved in a timely manner. To begin with, all issues raised by the users of the customer system must go to the provider of first level support services for initial triage. This initial level of support is usually performed by the customers own internal administration team / SME, unless they have an agreement in place to outsource this business function.
    • Examples of issues resolved by this first level support include forgotten passwords, access to system / functions, training on use of the system and so forth.
    • If the issue cannot be resolved by the first level support effort, then the issue may be raised with the second level support, which will be Safety Evolved as we will have performed the implementation of your system and will be functionally and technically aware of the setup and capability of your solution.
    • If we cannot rectify an issue (such as in the case of a technical bug or defect) then we will raise a support ticket with the vendor. The defect will then be prioritized in line with agreed SLA’s and scheduled for resolution

    As a SaaS product, software maintenance is included. Updates are provided as part of the software service. Development is steered by an R&D board. All customers are able to participate and collaborate to steer development of updates. Visibility of the development roadmap and releases are also provided to clients as part of the support model.

    Because the solution is pre-built (SaaS), technical configuration and implementation can occur rapidly. However, we believe that actively engaging the user population from the start is part of the key to success. We would typically recommend an implementation timeframe of 3-4 months including the transition to BAU support.

    Yes, nice and simple.

    • Of course. We provide excel templates for legacy data migration and cost includes identification of what data structures will need to be loaded from your incumbent systems.  We will assist in mapping your legacy data and structures into our solution and conduct a trial load into a test environment. 
    • Data integrity will be assessed at this stage to identify any areas where data cleansing is required for a successful import.

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"A loss of life is incredibly significant. It’s the worst possible thing that can happen and has a huge impact on the person, their community, their family and their workmates. It’s an issue investors want to know about."

Louise Davidson
ACSI Chief Executive