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Safety Evolved moves to new LinkedIn page

Safety Evolved have moved to a new LinkedIn page to better reflect their position with the FTS Group.

SafeWork NSW launches new app to save lives on site

New app, Speak Up, Save Lives allows workers to anonymously report workplace health and safety issues.

FTS Group launches ‘Safety Evolved’

FTS Group launches new business line ‘Safety Evolved’ and calls on Australian organisations to join the safety evolution.

Pandemic proofing: the future of [safe] work post COVID-19

A return to the way things businesses were before the lockdown is likely well over a year away, and many aspects of our working life may be changed forever, writes Alastair Brooke, founder of Safety Evolved.

How to formalise WFH OH&S policies and procedures

Alastair Brooke shares his thoughts on businesses looking to formalise WHS policies and procedures for WFH employees

Cybercrime and Employee Health & Safety during COVID-19

Alastair Brooke on Employee Health and Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ditch the spreadsheets and join the safety evolution

Safety Evolved continues to call on those responsible for managing safety and risk to ditch the spreadsheets and join th...

Guide outlines COVID safe aged care workplaces

Safety Evolved is featured in today's Australian Ageing Agenda article.

It's World Hand Hygiene Day

A simple message from the WHO - Save Lives: Clean Your Hands

Safety Evolved launches dedicated COVID-19 webpage

Safety Evolved, part of FTS Group, one of the largest privately owned IT services companies in Australia, has today launched a dedicated COVID-19 webpage.

FTS Group Launches Safety Evolved

FTS Group launches new digital platform to improve safe work outcomes.

Dozens of Australian workers lodge compensation claims related to COVID-19

COVID-19 compensation claims continue to rise, prompting renewed warnings for employers.

Face masks and Elevator bottlenecks

Read Alastair Brooke's thoughts on what we could expect to see when we return to work.

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